Agile Teams
Publications - TXP Presentation at SEPG 2005 Conference
"Integrating Agile Practices and TSP: Team eXtreme Process (TXP)"
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This paper was written by Brian Robinson, Gregory Gillooly, and Karen Smiley. See the final slides for acknowledgements and credits to contributors.
Publication History:
This is a continuation of the series of papers on TXP. It was accepted for the 2005 Software Engineering Process Group Conference.  
Background Required:
This paper assumes good familiarity with the and agile methods, specifically XP. It will be most meaningful to experienced TSP and XP practitioners or coaches.
(After the conference, the abstract will also be available on the ABB Corporate Research Scientific Publications website)
This presentation will describe how selected agile practices, including key elements of eXtreme Programming (XP), were successfully integrated into a commercial Team Software Process project. The team chose this development process (dubbed "TXP", for Team eXtreme Process) during their TSP launch, with the goal of delivering to the business the best of both worlds: TSP's focus on high product quality and management by data, plus the benefits of agile development practices in focusing on adaptability and customer satisfaction. Attendees will learn the challenges, tradeoffs, and benefits experienced by the team from blending agile practices with TSP, and will develop a better understanding of how to successfully combine them in their own organizations.
The presenters are the TXP team's Process Manager and TSP Coach.