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Index to Publications on *–EF: the Evaluation Framework family

These Evaluation Frameworks were initiated by of NCSU as part of her Software Engineering Realsearch group's work in empirical software engineering. The first framework created was for XP (eXtreme Programming); versions for TSPSM (Team Software ProcessSM) and RUP (Rational Unified Process) are in the works. The Evaluation Frameworks consist of three major components:
*–cf Context Factors Quantify the factors which characterize and affect the environment in which software projects are executed
*–am Adherence Measures Quantify how closely the project team and team members actually follow the specific practices associated with their chosen development process
*–om Outcome Measures Quantify the results achieved by the project
To the extent possible, the teams doing *–EF development are working to keep them in harmony. For instance, the Context and Outcome measures have a great deal of commonality, regardless of the development process chosen, and coaches for project teams using hybrid processes (e.g. combining agile practices with TSP) will be able to combine Adherence measures into a compatible hybrid set of metrics. A summary of relevant publications on these Evaluation Frameworks is provided below.
Primary Authors

Framework Description


Lucas Layman of NCSU
Bill Krebs of IBM
XP-EF: eXtreme Programming Evaluation Framework
XP-EF evaluates how closely an XP team follows the 12 key practices of eXtreme Programming. It has already been successfully applied in several industrial case studies and continues to be refined. Some work has been done in 2005 to extend XP-EF for "XP 2nd edition".
See Lucas Layman's XP-EF page.
Also see NCSU Technical Reports TR-2004-18, TR-2004-11, TR-2004-2, TR-2004-1, TR-2003-20, and TR-2003-18

Karen Smiley
Jan Höglund
TSP-EF: Team Software Process Evaluation Framework
The TSP Evaluation Framework is being built to extend and supplement existing SEI® materials provided to authorized TSP coaches for performing Checkpoint analyses and Postmortems. While some additional context measures (TSP-cf) are being evaluated, it is anticipated that the primary gap addressed by TSP-EF, vs. the data already being gathered by SEI, will be the adherence measures (TSP-am).
See "Publications on TSP-EF" on this site for a complete, current list of papers and presentations.
Information on how SEI-authorized TSP coaches can obtain the TSP-EF materials is now available online.

Bill Krebs of IBM
Dright Ho of NCSU

Lucas Layman of NCSU
RUP-EF: Rational Unified Process Evaluation Framework
RUP-EF is being developed to extend the *–EF family for projects which use the Rational Unified Process.
RTP-RUG July 28, 2004 presentation on "Finding Agility - a comparison of Extreme Programming and the Rational Unified Process" (ZIPped PPT now available).
NCSU CSC Technical Report TR-2005-46 published on "Rational Unified Process Evaluation Framework Version 1.0"