Agile Teams
Publications - 2003 TSP Users Group Conference
"Comparing Agile and TSPSM"
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This paper was written and presented by Karen Smiley. See the final slides for acknowledgements and credits to contributors.
Publication History:
  • September 30, 2003: presented at the First TSP Users Group Conference.
  • November, 2003: available for review and comment.
Related Materials:
Papers comparing agile to TSP, in general and specifically .
Background Required:
This paper assumes strong familiarity with the , and minimal knowledge of .
Abstract: (also available here on the ABB Corporate Research Scientific Publications website)
On the surface, adoption of may appear to many people to run counter to the principles and practices of the agile movement. This presentation explores the extent to which, rather than contradicting the , and the , a PSP/TSP approach can actually align well with them.
Since no single methodology is a , the specific goal of this presentation is to identify and describe potential synergies, by:
- Analyzing the real differences and similarities, compatibilities and incompatibilities, between the two approaches
- Offering suggestions on how practitioners might benefit from applying selected best-practice concepts from the other approaches, within the context and framework of their preferred methodologies.
The specific similarities and differences between PSP/TSP and key agile methodologies (e.g. ) are highlighted. The philosophies, roles, data gathering, estimation and planning, measurement, and key "programmer practices" of , Test-Driven Development) are compared and contrasted with PSP/TSP.
The presentation includes an overview of completed and pending experiments and research in "methodological pluralism", including a specific industry example in which pair programming will be used on a TSP project in a large global commercial enterprise. Some ideas on moving forward in research and practice are presented.