Agile Teams
Publications - 'Agility and the Team Software ProcessSM'
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This paper was written and presented by Karen Smiley. See the final slides for acknowledgements and credits to contributors.
Publication History:
  • March 25, 2004: Presented at the March 2004 RTP SPIN meeting.
    Note: The PDF includes supplemental slides and reference lists which were not discussed during the RTP SPIN meeting.
Related Materials:
Papers comparing agile to TSP, in general and specifically .
Background Required:
This presentation will assume little or no familiarity with the , and minimal knowledge of .
This presentation will provide a brief overview of and explore the extent to which they are compatible and can be blended to advantage. Some key similarities and differences between PSP/TSP and key agile methodologies (e.g. ) will be highlighted. The philosophies, roles, data gathering, estimation and planning, measurement, and key "programmer practices" of , Test-Driven Development) will be compared and contrasted with PSP/TSP.